Regional Cuisine Try These Karnataka Delicacies

May 26, 2019


Food and culture have been invariably intertwined all around the world. Food is the integral and dominant part of any auspicious occasions like festivals and solemn occasions like mourning of someone’s passing away. As the culture grew the food also refined in taste and variety. In India, we come across different geographies with their own unique culture, climate, traditions and food. Each region’s cuisine is based on the locally grown cereals, pulses, millets, vegetables and fruits, apart from spices and coffee/tea. As we are in a global village, many of the exotic delicacies are available in addition to our everyday staple food. In Bangalore, there is ample opportunity for food lovers to explore not just their own cuisine but a variety of Indian regional cuisines, Asian and continental cuisines. Bengaluru’s own Karnataka cuisine, which consists of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies of Mysuru, Udupi, Malnadu, Coorg and Mangalore, has never failed to entice the foodies from near and far. Be them natives or residents or visitors, all are allured.

What comes to mind when you hear the name Mysore? Most of us name Mysore Pak, Mysore masala dosa, Mysore bonda, Mysore rasam, etc, ahead of naming the exotic palace and entertaining Dussera festival. Such is the taste and variety of the cuisine that would never let us go with once. GotTable restaurant finder App with its partner restaurants open exciting opportunities for you to taste and enjoy the regional delicacies. Some dishes as examples are given below. Download and explore GotTable App to book and enjoy them at great restaurants near you with amazing deals.

Delicious Dosas

Karnataka is home to different varieties of Dosa. Neer dosa and Mysore masala dosa, set dosa are notables among them.

Neer dosa: This is from southwest part of Karnataka, Tulu nadu. Neer means water in Tulu language. This soft dosa is made of ground rice and widely available in restaurants in Bengaluru. It can be paired with many vegetarian side dishes like chutney, curry or sambar and non-vegetarian like Korri Gassiand Kundapura Koli Saaru (described below).

Mysore masala dosa: Unlike the soft neer dosa, it is a crisp dosa with red chutney applied on it with potato masala filling in it. It is served usually with red tomato chutney or white coconut chutney along with sambar made of lentils.

Set dosa: It is another popular dosa form served for breakfast in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka. A set of soft, spongy, thick dosa served with coconut chutney or sagu (a creamy coconut and spices-based mixed vegetable gravy).

Tatte Idli

Idli is another breakfast delicacy that needs no introduction, as it is popular all over India though its home is Karnataka. Tatte idli is flattened form of idli (also known as plate Idli), huge and very soft to eat. Green, red and white chutneys with sambar go well with tatte idli.

Akki Roti

It is another signature dish of Karnataka. Roti made of rice flour with spices, it can be served for breakfast or other meals. Coconut chutney, red chutney or dal go well with akki roti.

Rice Varieties

Bisibele Bath
Bisibele Bath is made of rice with vegetables and dals. It has a distinct coconut flavour. This authentic delicacy is a must try.

Mangalorean Biryani
The Mangalorean Biryani is prepared with chicken or vegetables. The masala paste with which the biryani is made adds to the main flavour The paste consists of coconut, and other spices and condiments. Mangalorean Biryani is served with raita or curd and papad.

It is lemon flavoured rice with vegetables. It can also be prepared with poha or flattened rice.

Khara Pongal
This sweet or spicy rice and dal dish is served as breakfast as a sole dish. It is a good breakfast option as it has protein and carbohydrates.

Creamy Curry varieties

Korri Gassi
In This Mangalorean chicken curry, pieces of chicken are cooked with spices and ground fresh coconut. It is served with set dosa, neer dosa or roti at the side

Kundapura Koli Saaru
This is another chicken dish from Mangalore. Made from onion, garlic, ginger and other spices along with coconut milk, this is a perfect side dish for with neer dosa, roti or even rice.

Coorg Pandi Curry
In this delicacy from Coorg, pork is cooked masala paste resulting in dark colour and spicy. The sour flavour comes from the addition of locally grown kachumpuli fruit extract. It can be served for akki roti or rice balls.


This is not all. Sweets and snacks along with many side dishes rule the cuisine of Karnataka. Let’s look at some of them in our next blog.


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