Sweets and savouries of Karnataka

June 9, 2019


Karnataka is famous for many things, among them are silk, sandalwood, temples with rich architecture, hill stations, art forms like Yakshaghana. Besides it is known for its varied cuisines, which are the markers of the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka. In our previous blog Regional Cuisine: Try These Karnataka Delicacies we have seen some of the main course dishes popularly eaten by natives as well as visitors. Let us now foray into the kingdom of sweets and savouries.

Sweets and savouries are innumerous, and most of them are available in restaurants in Bengaluru to the delight of food lovers. You can enjoy sweets and savouries along the main course or separately too. GotTable App helps you choose the best authentic places that serve these delicacies with the right ambience. Booking through GotTable makes for a great dining experience without the annoying wait for the table, nor you need to travel far off restaurants, as GotTable has partnered with restaurants all over Bengaluru to give you a hassle-free dining experience near to you.

Lip-smacking sweets

Mysore Pak
One of the signature sweets of Karnataka, Mysore Pak is a delicious sweet popular all across India. Mysore Pak is easy to make and tasty to eat. Its texture is too soft and melts at the mouth due to the addition of ghee to gram flour and sugar. No Diwali is complete without the Mysore Pak.

Dharwad Peda
Originated from the Dharwad city, this caramelized mild sweet with its trademark deep rich brown colour has a history of over 100 years.

Haalbai is another heavenly sweet from Karnataka made from rice, coconut and jaggery. Coconut milk which is used to combine the ingredients givesthis sweet a distinct coconut flavour The sweet can be eaten warm or cool as you like.

Rava Kesari
Rava Kesari is a sweet dish made from semolina, ghee, dry fruits and kesar (saffron). What gives texture to this sweet is the pre roasting of semolina (rava) to a proper degree. There are many variations of Rava Kesari that can be prepared with fruits like pineapple or banana for different flavours.

Pori Urundai
Pori urundai is a sweet dish made of puffed rice balls combined and coated with jaggery. The secret behind making the perfect pori urundai lies in melting the jaggery to a particular state at a certain temperature.

Chiroti is a traditional sweet originally from Karnataka, yet has gained a lot of popularity in Maharashtra. It is a fried flaky maida (plain flour) pastry of concentric circles on which that is generous amounts of cardamom plus sugar powder is sprinkled. Another variant is made with dipping the fried flakes in sugar syrup. It is impossible to stop with one piece.

Obbattu or holige
What is popularly known as Puran Poli in Maharashtra is called Obbattu or holige in Karnataka. It is a one of the most favourite and important dishes in the Mangalorean cuisine. It is a sweet made of lentils and jaggery with flour dough and rolled into a flatbread.

Spicy Savouries and snacks

Maddur Vada
This crispy dish with a hard crust and soft core gets its name from the Maddur town that is located 80 kilometres from Bangalore. The onion pieces mixed in the vada make it very tasty and endearing. The vada can be served with coconut or tomato chutney.

Mysore Bonda
Mysore Bonda is a fried snack. It is made of maida (all-purpose flour) and yoghurt. It may also be prepared by using urad dal (black gram whole). Served with coconut chutney and also sambar, Mysore bonda is available not just in Bangalore and Karnataka but across India and abroad Indian restaurants. That speaks the popularity of this dish.

It is a spicy rice cracker.It is widely consumedas it is very delicious and suitable for all times, can be eaten alone and also can be combined with other food. Minimum a dozen will only bring satiety!

This is alsoa spicy snack from the Kannada cuisine which is popular in Karnataka and its neighbouring southern Indian states. It is also widely available, and evenings are the best time to taste them as they are crispy and spicy.


As mentioned, the list is endless. Not just sweet and savouries, typical side dishes like alugedda which is a dish of potato, Raw mango chutney also known as Mavinakai chutney, vegetable curry known as sagu, a gravy-like dish gojju with a tangy taste all are pride of Kannada cuisine. While in Bengaluru, book tables via GotTable App, and enjoy Kannada cuisine along with the merry rewards given out by GotTable while you dine leisurely.


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