Kobe Sizzlers One place to be for its offers and ambience

June 9, 2019


Bengaluru is active part of the Global Village the world has become, has opened its doors for people of different cultures. As a result exchange and merger of various cuisines has taken place to the delight of food connoisseur. The hotel industry has taken part actively in this food transformation, calling in chefs around the globe to dish out delicacies of various corners of the world. Migration of people and cuisines have enthused millions of food lovers worldwide, Bengaluru foodies are no exception. It is the city swarming with all sorts of foods evenly spread across all locales. GotTable table reservation App takes delight in helping you enjoy high-quality world cuisine by offering great meal deals near you, wherever you are in Bengaluru.

Be it appetising Hyderabadi Biriyani, spicy Schezwan from China, or sprightly spaghetti from Italy or our own sizzlers, you need not look beyond GotTable to have a hearty dining experience, as GotTable has partnered with the best restaurants in your neighbourhood to bring you the best. Speaking of sizzlers, which is an amalgamation of grilled chicken or vegetable of different combinationsin a skewer, on a bed of rice with sweet and sour sauce and fresh crunchy greens assorted with traditional spices accompanied by a pile of crunchy fries which in all is the perfect meal for a perfect foodie, Kobe sizzlers has perfected the art of sizzling their way to food lovers’heart.

Kobe sizzlers with its philosophy of “Quality sizzlers. A warm and welcoming atmosphere. Good food and great personal service” has opened taste buds of thousands of residents of Bengaluru with their jaw-smacking meat/veg sizzlers. Branches located at Garuda Mall, Indira Nagar, Manayata Tech Park (MTP) and Orion Mall present GotTable guests an incredible offer of a signature vegetarian or non-vegetarian sizzler absolutely free with every booking. Our guest can choose their free sizzler between veg sizzler with mushroom and garlic sauce and chicken sizzler with pepper sauce.
Though best known for their sizzlers, Kobe Sizzler’s extensive menu, designed by highly experienced food experts, features a widespread range of salads, soups, sandwiches, breakfast. And more. The atmosphere has a warmth that makes you feel comfortable, with a personalized service. As they are a family restaurant the ambience is kept convivial and welcoming for all members of your family to chill.

From simple breakfast of toast, omelette and scrambled or fried eggs, they move on to burgers, sandwiches and roll and hotdogs. The wide choice in steaks, chicken sizzlers, lamb and sea food is enticing. Their vegetarian sizzlers is no less. Sizzlers have different combinations of sauces and other toppings which makes an interesting dilemma what to choose.

Kobe Sizzlers’ another interesting feature is their “Value Combos”, Mix and Match Combo, Schezwan-style Veg combo like names are certainly to make you curious and tempt you to try. Hot and cold beverages and all-time smack and snack will lead you all the way to desserts. Trying German spiced apple cake with ice cream or sizzling chocolate brownie will sure to life you to cloud nine.


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