Beat the heat with GotTables summer cool beer offers

April 1, 2019


“I feel wonderful drinking beer, in a blissful mood, with joy in my heart and a happy liver —Sumerian poet, ca 3000 BC

Don’t you share this sentiment along with more than half of the world? We all do. That’s the magic of beer. We could say just about anyone who has drunk any alcohol has at the very least tasted beer. Ranked third behind water and tea as the most popular drinks,it is the most inexpensive drink.

Beer in history

Beer has a long history of existence. Beer has been consumed since antiquity,possibly dating back to the early Neolithic or 9500 BC.The oldest known recipe is for a 4,000-year-old beer concocted by the Sumerians.Ancient Sumerians made beer from bread and malt.It is amusing to know many old civilizations relied heavily upon beer as the safest available drink, owing to poor quality of potable water, like Egyptians and Mesopotamians.Mesopotamianshad a goddess for beer called Ninkasi, who was said to have taught humans to brew beer. Egyptian beer goddessTenement was linked to Childbirth as well. There were laws and statutes governing beer management too. A merchant could be put to death for diluting beer!

Kill the heat with chill beer via Got Table App

The love of beer well continued into the modern age. In the summer months most of us like to chill after a hot long working day with couple of beers. When beer comes with cool offers, its doubly soothing. Got Table restaurant finder App brings you cool summer cold beer offers at best restaurants near you. Many popular brands are offered with best deals. With beer, you can try other drinks offers as well. Here are some hot (cool!) offers for every booking through GotTable App. To know more check GotTable App free downloadable through iOS/ Android stores:

  • Flame Pub: First beer/PitcherFree
  • Just BLR: First beerFree
  • La Mafioso Resto Pub: First beerFree
  • Barleyz: 1+1 on craft beer of the month @ the Brew Pub
  • BabaYaga’s: 1+1 on draught beer from 1–7PM
  • Chameleon Lounge Bar: Unlimited Drought Beer for 3 hours @ INR 600/
  • Jimi’s Beer Café 2+1 on selected brands
  • La Casa Brewery: 2 + 1 On brewed beers @Happy Hours,1+1 on All selected liquor
  • déjà vu Restaurant: 2 + 1 on Draught Beers and Domestic Liquor
  • Gravity Bar & Grill: 2 + 1 on Draught Beers and cocktails
  • Tiger Trail: 6 +2 on beer
  • Barebones – The Balcony Bar: Budweiser Beer buckets @Rs 599 (4 Buds)
  • BellaWeekdays Happy Hours: 2+1 on Cocktails, evening offer 3+1 on IMFL & Bucket Beers 7–11 PM
  • Salut: 2+1 on Cocktails and/or 3+1 on IMFL & Bucket Beers
  • Chameleon Lounge Bar: Unlimited Drought Beer for 3 hours @ INR 600/-

Beer trivia

Trivia around beer has always interested us as much as the beer.

  • According to beer lovers, the best beer in the world is Westvleteren 12, brewed at by monks in Belgium at a monastery
  • First prize in theWife Carrying World Championshipsin Finland is beer equivalent to wife’s weight
  • Norway’s first aircraft hijacking was ended with the hijacker surrendered his weapon in exchange for morebeer.
  • On winning Nobel Prizein 1922scientist Niels Bohr was given a direct pipeline to the Carlsberg brewery for a lifelong free beer supply.
  • You can go swimming in a pool of beer at theSchloss Starkenberger brewery in Tarrentz, Austria, which is said to promote healthy skin.
  • Beer had been behind the coinage of words like ‘honeymoon’, ‘cash’, ‘booze’, and ‘bridal’.


Beer has such sway over the people, it had been the reason for so many happy times through ages. We can say that nobody made the world happy like beer. Beer comes in hundreds of varieties and flavours, combinations and levels of alcohol contents, but who cares, a beer is a beer is a beer! That too a cold beer on a hot day is nothing short of a peek at heaven. Adding to the fuel is the GotTable’s amazing offers. Make use of the offers to beat the heat in style.


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Beat the heat with GotTables summer cool beer offers

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