How to Set Up Your Restaurant Dining Room

October 14, 2022


A restaurant’s dining area is its focal point. There are more than just tables and chairs in a dining area. It establishes the tenor and atmosphere of your eatery.

When designing the dining area of a restaurant, you should take into account the lighting, noise, and view. The furniture you select is crucial as well. It should be appealing and add to the ambience of your establishment while still being strong enough to endure the rigours of a busy restaurant. Planning a restaurant dining room requires flexibility, too.

Things you should consider while setting up a restaurant dining room

So, what are the things you need to consider while setting up the dining room of your restaurant? Keep reading below to get a fair idea about the same.

  • Maintain Enough Distance Between Tables

To accommodate consumers and increase revenue, you need a lot of chairs, but you also want them to feel comfortable. It’s a good idea to leave at least 24″ between table edges when setting up tables in restaurants.

  • Aim to Use Room Dividers

Half-wall dividers mounted on wheels are an easy way to create more privacy in a large, open dining room. They can be moved around to make little alcoves for two tops or larger alcoves for large gatherings.

  • Make the waiting area mobile

Instead of attempting to move a table into a less desirable location of your dining room, you can move a movable wait station to suit your needs.

  • Determine the Volume Limit

Some restaurant ideas work better in a noisy atmosphere, like a bar or other relaxed setting. Others, such as fine dining, call for a considerably quieter environment. The sound will reverberate more in a room with wood or tile floors or high ceilings.

If you add a few dozen clients or employees, the noise level can exceed your expectations. Area carpeting might assist muffle sound if you need to turn it down.

  • Must choose Proper Window Coverings

You will need to make an investment in some shades if the summer heat is making your restaurant’s dining area too warm or is otherwise making guests uneasy. Look for window coverings that are simple to open and close as well as to clean.

  • Test each chair

Sit in every chair in your dining room before opening day to identify any potential issues. Examine the vista from each seat. One might have a clear view into the kitchen, while another might experience a draught from the front entrance. Before people complain, you can make improvements by trying out each seat first.

  • Pick Durable Furniture

Look for styles that are simple to clean when selecting tables and chairs. Steer clear of designs with numerous detailed carvings and fissures. It will be more difficult to keep them clean and clear of crumbs and other debris. Make sure to get the fabric on chairs or restaurant booths with fabric seats treated with a stain resister. Additionally, set aside money for a professional cleaning at least once and ideally twice a year. Compared to regular restaurant seating, restaurant booths provide a number of outstanding benefits. They save a lot of room.


Even on holidays, when fewer customers are present, restaurants are open every day or nearly every day of the week. Therefore for managers, it is not so simple to set up a restaurant dining room on a daily basis, but if you do it with passion, patience, devotion, and persistence to work through any challenges that may arise, it will be very rewarding for you on an economic, social, and spiritual level.


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