5 Impeccably Crafted Theme-Based Restaurants in Bangalore

August 30, 2022


Are you tired of the same old culinary experience and scenes? Desperately searching for a gastronomic and one-of-a-kind experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in fantasies? If you think Bangalore is only about usual pubs and fine dining, you have not seen anything yet!

As the adage goes, outside of your comfort zone is where the magic takes place. Well, it is time to put those words to the test and take them up by dining at some of the top-notch theme-based restaurants in Bangalore.

Whether dining in jail or being a pirate for a day – no matter what floats your bizarre ship. Bangalore boasts some of the most interesting theme-based restaurants in India. These restaurants, exemplifying the don’t-hold-back attitude, are not afraid to spice things up a little for those ready to experience something out of the ordinary.

Continue reading to learn about some famous restaurants in Bangalore, sweeping you off your feet by offering one-of-a-kind dining experiences.


Most Offbeat Theme-Based Restaurants in Bangalore

Check out these theme-based restaurants for a fun time:

  • The Black Pearl

Let us tell you, The Black Pearl is one excellent theme-based restaurant in Bangalore. Cheese to macaroni is what rum to a pirate. Decked up with pirate décor featuring wooden walls, rope, and skeletons, it makes you feel like you’re on a pirate ship!

Former visitors have praised the restaurant for its fantastic ambience. It also permits guests to take swords and wear pirate hats available at the entry to immerse themselves in the pirate experience!

Also, this pirate-themed Koramangala-based restaurant does not disappoint with its particular range of rum-based trademark drinks, including Caribbean Smuggler and Pirate’s Tea.

So, are you ready to put on an eye patch and devour a dish of BBQ meat? Do you wish to pretend to be a pirate and drink gallons of rum? If you answered yes, this must be of the best hangout spots in Bangalore.

  • Gufha

How does it feel to dine in a dark cave-like setting? Well, Gufha, one of the best theme-based restaurants in Bangalore, puts forward an excellent atmosphere for foodies in the city. The restaurant is similar to a cave, and the interiors are created accordingly.

Gufha delivers an immersive experience, with stone walls painted on every inch of the space, ancient treasures adorning the area, and staff members strolling around dressed as huntsmen. The restaurant offers a diverse selection of authentic Afghani and Indian dishes, ranging from kebabs to shahjahani, with something to please every palate.

The foods are served in earthenware. If you are all set to pay a visit to this restaurant, you will surely have a good time dining at this Jayanagar-based unique-themed restaurant.

  • Ruh

Ruh, Bangalore’s only Arabic-themed restaurant, looks like it stepped straight out of Aladdin. With mirrors, Arabian tents, and chandeliers, embellishing the restaurant, the darkly lighted room resembles a storybook. The restaurant’s ambience has been hailed repeatedly for being Ruh’s crown gem, with traditional music performed throughout.

However, the atmosphere isn’t the only thing that’s been lauded. Guests have consistently commended the restaurant for its excellent cuisine and service. You may also expect to be provided with a hookah, letting you feel entirely immersed in the Middle-Eastern experience.

If you aren’t comfortable with smoking zones, rest assured there are non-smoking zones too. The Bellandur-based restaurant has covered everything under its ambit keeping in mind the needs and requirements of every city dweller and tourist.

  • Silver Metro

Next up, a fantastic culinary adventure! The Silver Metro, located in Madiwala, is one of the most famous restaurants in Bangalore, designed in the form and shape of a metro. It makes diners feel like they have food in a train compartment, with shiny metal plastered around the restaurant and train seats embellishing the area.

Former visitors have hailed the restaurant’s food quality and plating and expressed how nice it is to chill out with buddies there. The variety of cuisine served at the buffet has received great reviews while being reasonably priced. One thing is certain: Silver Metro is absolutely one-of-a-kind and should be experienced first-hand.

  • ISIRI Restobar

We have undoubtedly spent many hours waiting for trains on railway platforms, haven’t we? So, why not make this experience fun by adding food and drink to the mix?

Well, even if train cuisine is not always delicious and palatable, the menu at the Doddanekundi-based ISIRI Restobar, one of the best theme-based restaurants in Bangalore, is likely to pique your interest.

It’s a railway-themed restaurant. From the seating arrangements that appear as if you have stumbled into a railway platform to iconic yellow sign boards carrying the names of numerous local stations, the railway motif is quite strong throughout.

The cuisine and beverages are excellent, including delicacies such as Bruschetta, Dim Sums, and Chicken Sukka.

Wrapping Up

Bangalore might not be the first place that comes to mind while thinking about matchless dining experiences, but, like the city’s ancient sites and rich history, it is replete with countless discoveries of one-of-a-kind eateries. It doesn’t fall short in offering fantastic dining experiences.

Bangalore’s new-age restaurant owners have never disappointed the city dwellers and foodies. These are just a few of the fantastic theme-based restaurants in Bangalore that you may pay a visit to.

There are countless others where visitors may see how restaurants adapt and evolve from old to innovative methods. So, which of the restaurants listed above is the most excellent fit for you, and which would you prefer to visit?


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