5 Best Pubs in Bangalore to Enjoy Nightlife

August 30, 2022


Bangalore, the “IT Hub of India”, is teeming with young people working or studying. And, because today’s generation is of the idea “Work Hard and Party Harder”, they’re grateful for having more and more locations to have a mug of beer and eat yummilicious food while unwinding after a tiring day at the office.

Banglore, one of India’s most famous cities, comes alive at night with numerous eclectic pubs. Pubs are undeniably popular hangouts, and the city boasts some top liquor bars where young people can unwind.

From delectable cuisine to dazzling trance beats and hallucinogenic lighting, the best pubs in Bangalore help you de-stress after an exhausting day, drawing partygoers and hoppers. There are numerous intriguing locations to drink in Bangalore, including freshly brewed alcohol, cocktail experimentation, etc.

So, if you’re searching for a spot to unwind and party hard at night, check out these fantastic liquor bars in Bangalore.

 Best Pubs in Bangalore to De-Stress and Chill Out

Here’s the list of the best pubs in Bangalore! Let us have a look at them!

Skyye is located on the top floor of UB City, which epitomizes Bangalore’s modernism. It is a rooftop lounge bar. You would love to spend an evening here since the view of the city from the top is spectacular, the music is pumping, and the dance floor is lit up.

Situated on Lavelle Road, it is considered one of the best pubs in Bangalore. The dance floor is illuminated with colour-changing lights, and the finest EDM tracks are played in the background for you to groove to.

You are lucky since you may approach the night’s DJ and request whatever song you choose. The drinks, the scenery, and the colour-lit dance floor are an ideal mix for getting you away from your hectic life and allowing you to enjoy a fantastic outing here.

District 6, located in Malleshwaram, is another exciting option for enhancing your alcoholic palate if you enjoy well-crafted beers.

The establishment is small and low-key, yet it offers a fantastic atmosphere and superb, classic-brewed beers. It is the ideal spot to go with a bunch of your drinking friends to build new memories and appreciate old ones.

District 6 also has excellent musical taste, all you need to put you in the finest mood.

The Biere Club, also on Lavelle Road, is a microbrewing club. It’s a spot where you may try a variety of beers and handpick a favourite.

The beer offered here changes with the seasons, and you get to try different varieties of beer while pairing it with continental dishes and yummy finger food.

This liquor bar in Bangalore is located on a street corner, with an English Pub vibe, high bar stools, and décor that are both modern and stylish. Caricature art decorates the walls, outfitting the space with the nicest hardwood chairs and tables.

The wheat beer at District 6 is a crowd favourite and does not even fail to appeal to non-alcoholics. It has been at the top for more than a decade. If you enjoy beer, you must drop by here.

This liquor bar in Bangalore is praised for being the poshest, deluxe, and high-towering lounge bar in the city. Pass through a neon-lit passageway to set foot in the bar and make your way to the area.

The beverages are excellent, strong and tart, with numerous unique cocktails advised and served. The best quality Korean, Thai, and Japanese cuisine is served in High, which goes beautifully with your choice of beverage.

The bar has ample space to put forward luxury, richness, and extravagant vibes. Every gulp of your drink and bite of your food complements the view from the top.

High Ultra Lounge is also an ideal location for a romantic date, with a view of the city from the top and exquisite food and beverages to savour. So you no longer have to be concerned about where to take your lover on a romantic date night.

Pecos Stones is there for you for occasions that need celebration, like engagements, birthdays, and success parties where you wish to sway away like there is no tomorrow.

Situated in Indiranagar, this liquor bar in Bangalore has to be the most groovy location in the neighbourhood. The bar is a vibrant and fantastic spot on weekends that allows you to enter a happening and worry-free mood with pleasant and funky dance tracks.

The interiors of this bar are adorned with rock band posters, fascinating illustrations, and intriguing colours. It’s an excellent blend of retro and contemporary art.

Depending on your mood and preference, you may sit outdoors or indoors, but both spots provide a pleasant ambience. The inside is shady and dim, whereas the outdoors are brilliantly illuminated in the evening and have natural light in the day.

 The Key Takeaway

So, some of the most sought-after and best pubs in Bangalore provide the correct dose of Nightlife. But, because most of these spots remain crowded, we strongly advise you to book reservations before paying a visit to any of these destinations. You may also find out about future events and deals by visiting their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Anyway, where do you intend to go this weekend?


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