Must-Have Dishes in Durga Puja

September 26, 2022


At this time of the year, the “dhak” beats, the heavenly smell of the “shiuli” flowers, and an abundance of food all combine to give us the “pujo-pujo” mood. While we lack the first two things in Bangalore, Bongs compensate by indulging in the third – FOOD.

Durga Puja is associated with eating. There are no other options. It is that time of the year when everyone (especially Bongs) anticipates bingeing on scrumptious cuisine for five straight days. Aside from who is dating whom and who is wearing what, food turns out to be the hottest topic.

From piping hot “macher jhol” (fish curry) to delicious rosogollas, Bengali food will take you on an unforgettable gastronomical experience. Unlike other Indian celebrations, there are no restrictions on particular ingredients when it comes to Durga Puja. The wonderful Bengali delicacies that are eaten during this time have no boundaries, ranging from non-veg to veg, and from sweet to savoury.

But, do you have any idea what to have during Durga Puja? Well, don’t worry! This informative blog will educate you about the most sought-after Durga Puja dishes you shouldn’t miss tasting in this festive season.

Lip-Smacking Foods That You Must Definitely Try

Here’s a list of some of the Durga Puja dishes that should not miss out in this festive season, no matter whether you’re in Bengal or Bengaluru:

  • Doi Ilish

It’s a traditional Bengali dish recognised for its texture and flavour. Here, hilsa fish is cooked in yoghurt and mustard-based gravy. This imparts a little tangy flavour to the food that will completely sweep you off your feet. The hilsa fish is topped with green chillies, and raw mustard oil to give it the appropriate amount of zing. This delicious meal is served with simple steamed rice and fresh green chilli on the plate.

  • Radha Ballavi and Aloo Dum

 If you want to know about a loved veg recipe for Puja, Radha Ballavi and Aloo Dum is a famous dish that you can have to satiate your tummy and soul. You can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The fantastic duo contains two ingredients that will make you salivate. Crispy puris packed with flavoured Bengali gram and served with spicy potato curry. Oh, to bite into those hot puris and dunk them in the thick potato gravy! My stomach is no longer working with me!

  • Mutton Kosha

 Bengalis are commonly characterised as fish enthusiasts. But do you know how much they enjoy eating mutton? Mutton Kosha is an all-time loved Bengali dish. As a result, Mutton Kosha is very popular throughout the festive season too. To make this Durga Puja dish spicy and rich, marinated mutton is slowly cooked in mustard oil, aromatic spices and onion. With each bite, you will certainly find yourself licking your fingers and desiring more.

  • Bhog

 Well, “Bhog” is commonly an offering to Maa Durga. For those who are unaware, It’s another veg recipe for Puja. It’s a basic food that includes khichuri, which is a lentil and rice preparation, eggplant fry (begun bhaja), laabra (mixed vegetable), rice kheer (payesh), and sweet tomato chutney. Queuing for “Bhoger Khichuri” is a common occurrence whether in Bengal or Bengaluru.

  • Daab Chingri and Chingri Malaikari

 Seafood lovers should not miss out on these flavourful recipes. Both of these Durga Puja dishes are seasoned with earthy spices and coconut. Daab Chingri is made by steaming delicious prawns with spices in the hollow of delicate coconut. Furthermore, the prawns simmer within the coconut, completely absorbing all of its fresh flavours. In contrast, Chingri Malaikari is cooked in coconut milk with shredded coconut and flavourful spices. Both of these recipes are served with steamed rice or a variety of pulaos.

  • Cutlets and Chops

 These are essentially crumbed deep-fried, and flavourful treats. These treats are widely known as evening snacks or “Jol Khabar”. Vegetable chop, fish chop, Mochar chop (banana flower), chicken cutlet, prawn cutlet, mutton cutlet, and fish fry are some examples. Many restaurants in Bengaluru serve these delicacies during the festive season.

  • Macher Jhol

 In a typical Bengali diet, fish consumption is greater than other foods. For Bengalis, it’s more than simply an ingredient. It is very important in Bengali culture as a whole. Fish and Bengal have a long history that is commemorated every time a fish dish is prepared in any home. You might have had it, but its taste increases during the auspicious time of Durga Puja.

  • Shukto

 Well, it’s a festive meal that, rather than masking the inherent bitterness of vegetables with spices, accentuates their powerful flavour by limiting the spice level to a minimum. This veg recipe for Puja is typically given in the first round of a meal because its bitterness is said to help cleanse the palette and prepare the human body for acquiring the taste of other food dishes. What else do we need? Every seasonal vegetable is used in this recipe, including drumstick, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, potato, etc.

  • Chanar Dalna

 Every Bengali household enjoys this renowned vegetarian dish. Paneer nuggets are fried and cooked in a gently spicy and sour tomato gravy. Furthermore, this dish is unique in that it is prepared without the use of garlic or onion. Despite this, it has a fantastic flavour and makes it to our list of best veg recipes for Puja. Chanar Dalna goes well with simple steamed rice, luchi, or pulao.

  • Kochupata Chingri

 Only Bengalis are capable of combining saag with prawns to produce a delectable meal. Head to any prominent Bengali restaurant in the city to catch a whiff of this iconic dish. It’s one of the finest Durga Puja dishes to have in this festive season.

  • Mishti Doi

 Sweet curd is another name for it. It’s a must-have dessert after a meal. It’s served in traditional yet cost-efficient clay pots (bhar). It is simple to create at home too! It has the goodness of sugar and milk, being both delicious and nutritious. It is an essential dish for all occasions. You can purchase it at any sweet shop. You will undoubtedly feel nostalgic.

  • Shondesh

 It’s a traditional Bengali sweet treat. It is made using jaggery, sugar, or milk. It is known as “pranhara” in Bangladesh, which translates to “heart stealer”. It is so smooth and delicious that it lives up to its name. It comes in a variety of forms, designs, and sizes.

  • Rosogolla

 Well, Rosogolla needs its own section. It is a cottage cheese ball coated in sugar syrup. Ensure you eat one or two of these in between meals to keep your sugar levels stable as you move around and celebrate Durga Puja in the typical Bengali style.

The Key Takeaway

The array of Durga Puja dishes, be it delectable sweets or mouthwatering traditional Bengali menu, is truly endless. These were just a handful to get you started. Whether you are in Banglore or any other part of the country celebrating Durga Puja, keep an eye out for these palatable dishes. Wish you as well as your loved ones a very Happy Durga Puja!


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