Ways of using beer besides drinking it

September 8, 2019


As the wise crack “Don’t try to make everyone happy, you’re not beer” beer is a perfect beverage to sip on a stressful day. Do you know it is not just stress buster, but can be used for various other purposes also. Being in Bengaluru, which is hailed as the “Beer Capital of India”, you can try beer to enjoy it in different ways. Bengaluru has plenty of microbreweries which are comparable to that of craft beer anywhere in the world. Search ‘best deals near me’ in GotTable App to find amazing outlets offering best dealsnear your location.

Beer is a multipurpose beverage and some purposes are unique and innovation. Here are some ways of using beer for your daily chores and for enhancing beauty.

Marinate meat

Beer is an excellent tenderizer because its slightly acidic nature. Marinating meat in beer will produce leaner cuts. However, it doesn’t change the flavour of the meat as does wine. Just poke some holes into the meat, put it in a zip lock pouch and add the beer. Leave it for few hours for best results.

Polish copperware

One more use of the beer because of its acidity. It was used to polish copper vats in breweries. Leave the on copperware for a while to remove stains and for sparkle.

Break the rust

Because beer is a carbonated drink, use it to loosen rusty bolts.

Put out small fire: Though beer should not be an equivalent to fire extinguisher, it can be used to put out small fires like grill flare ups. After all beer is mostly water with foam. Just shake a beer bottle and spread sharply over it

Ease a stomach upset

Highly carbonated beer can be used like sprite to cure an upset stomach. The mild alcohol will buffer the pain. But do not, repeat, do not try if you have stomach ulcers or gastritis as the alcohol will worsen them.

Feet therapy

Had a tiring and stressed day? Pour couple of cold beers into a bucket and soak your feet in. The carbonation process will soothe your tired feet and rejuvenate you.

Beer bath

A beer bath can be very relaxing, if you can afford it though. If you are off beer for a while, you can put it into a bath tub and soak in it.

Cold pack

No ice handy for a cold pack for a throbbing headache or toothache? Use the chilled beer can and slightly roll over the affected area for relief.

Beer shampoo

Take a milder beer with very less alcohol content. Boil it in a pan to reduce to its quarter quantity. Let it cool, then add to your favourite shampoo. More alcohol content beer should not be used as it will make hair dry and brittle.

Revive wooden furniture

Clearing the house after a party? Don’t throw away half-empty beer cans for flat beer makes a great work reviver. Just dampen a microfibre cloth with beer, then rub gently onto your furniture to give it sheen and bring back some colour.

Polish your gold jewellery

No need to buy expensive cleaners. Drop your rings and other trinkets into a dish of beer, then remove and polish to a beautiful sheen using a dry cloth.

Wash pillowcases in it

This may be an old wives’ tale, but apparently the nutty smell of hops helps you fall asleep. If you’re an insomniac, try washing a pillowcase in beer and you may just get to sleep sooner than you usually do.

Flavour rice

Next time you cook up a pot of long-grain rice, perhaps Jasmine or Basmati, try cooking the rice in a heavily flavoured like a brown ale or stout. The rice will absorb the beer and have a lovely flavour.


But a simplest way to put beer to best use is to sip it to bust stress after a long tiresome day or on a weekend! In Bengaluru, GotTable App offers you plenty of first beer free or 1+1 offers. Book tables via GotTable app and avail these benefits to chill. Check ‘best meal deal near me’ section too to know which restaurants are giving out the best deal near your location.


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