Top tips for healtier takeout

December 30, 2020


Get a break from cooking while social distancing. Though Covid-19-induced lockdown relaxations are paved way for going out it’s better to stay indoors as much as possible. But it has its own challenges! You found yourself feeding kids and family more times a day than you have bargained for. While working from home, meeting not just mealtime challenges but also supervising kids’ remote and online learning and breaking up fights is a responsibility more than handful. In this hectic routine, taking a break from cooking helps to rejuvenate you greatly.

GotTable partner restaurants save the day for you. While dine-in concerns are still very much alive, the best alternate is ordering your favorite dishes from multiple restaurants and picking them up at one go without contact worries. As being indoors most of the times limits physical activities, eating wisely keeps health and weight concerns at bay. GotTable helps you with these tips for ordering healthy takeaway at restaurants near you.

Go for grains, the wholesome ones

If you are ordering rice based like Thai, Indian, or Mexican, you can go with brown rice instead of white. For noodles-based dishes also ask for brown rice as it is a high-fiber whole grain, whereas generally noodles use processed white flour which has no health benefit. See the calorie value before you choose. Thinking of Italian? Look for whole wheat pasta or zucchini noodles instead of the usual white flour pasta. As for Pizza, go for whole wheat crust, if unavailable go for a thin crust pizza to avoid calorie overload.

Pick the proteins smartly

Irrespective of the cuisine and restaurant, choose in the way that’s not heavy calories. Instead of pork, lamb or beef go for chicken or seafood. Choose beans (legumes) instead of chicken for its high fiber content and filling feel. Better still go for a veg burger that can give you the 25 g of daily fiber intake.

Lean on Greens

Takeaway need not be heavily starchy. Try baby corns, carrots and salads for appetizer, which stop you from overeating. Instead of fries, go for double veggie delights. In case of burger, go for double lettuce and tomato in the place of double cheese. Broth-based soup will be more filling too. Prefer salsa to heavy condiment or ketchup. Order a box of steamed vegetable mix with brown rice, add interesting sauces to make your own dish.

Do away with dairy

Although dairy has nutritional value for a takeout meal it does more harm than good. You can still get a delicious food with fewer calories. Ask the restaurant to use low-fat cheese. Avocado has a similar creamy texture to dairy, so it can be substituted for dairy.

Free from the fried

Any day steamed, baked, grilled or roasted food is better than fried because of calorie overload. Pick alternate to fries such as steam roll over deep-fried spring roll, grilled chicken instead of fried, in the place of fried wontons opt for steamed vegetable dumplings, a taco salad with lettuce, baked potato not fries.

Save on sauce

As many dishes come smeared with sauce, you need to keep an eye on limiting its use. Always ask sauce on the side instead of mixing, opt for a veggie sauce instead of a cream-based sauce to save many calories.

Binge on Beans

Beans-based food are filling and benefits like lowering cholesterol. Ways to add more beans to your takeaway orders via GotTable can be these. Go for a legume-based soup, a bean burrito in the place of an enchilada for an wonderful entrée.


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