Top desserts from around the world: Try them at Bengaluru via GotTable

January 9, 2021


Each continent has hundreds of cuisines. Some are locally popular and some internationally renowned. From time to time with the movement of people, cuisines are also transported to many parts of the world. Certain dishes of locally popular dishes cross the borders and become popular across the globe, making people drool over them. GotTable presents you a few such dishes whose popularity has not diminished over the centuries. Being in a metropolis like Bengaluru gives you a chance to taste these desserts originated from around the world in a restaurant near you.

From the paradise Caribbeans: Rum cake

From the faraway Caribbean Islands rum cake has travelled and delighted foodies all over the world. It is a sponge baked in doughnut-style mould, then soaked in rum, and topped with icing or dried fruits and nuts. Traditionally it was served during the holiday season, but these days it’s available in souvenir shops and supermarkets in the Caribbean and around the world. But better check alcohol level, for some report intoxicated by it!

A natty treat from North America: S’more

Come 10th August every year, North America celebrates National S’mores Day with the dessert S’more, probably a contraction of ‘some’ and ‘more’. Made of two biscuits sandwiched with melted chocolate and marshmallows they were first eaten in the 1920s around the campfire at Scout camps. Chocolate is traditionally melted on the campfire.

Spongy cake from South Africa: Malva Pudding

Made with apricot jam and served with custard or a creamy sauce, this spongy cake got its name Malva from the Afrikaans word for marshmallow as its texture and taste resemble that of marshmallow. In South Africa it is available in winter which is very comforting.

A crispy treat from Portugal: Custard Tart (Pasteis de Nata)

Although Portuguese cuisine is not ranking high on world’s favorite cuisines, its Pasteis de Nata certainly gets noticed when best desserts in the world are mentioned. A traditional Portuguese custard tart, it is a crispy and flaky pastry shell filled with a creamy custard center. With a light dusting of cinnamon while serving it makes people drool such that no one can stop eating just one.

Pasteis de Nata is said to be originally created by the Jeronimos Monastery residents in Belem more than 300 years ago. It the recipe was passed on to a café near the monastery, which is still kept as a secret.

A recent recipe from Italy: Tiramisu

Can you believe this classic dessert was invented only in the 1960s in Italy’s Veneto region? It is  without doubt the most proliferated desserts all over the world. It is made of coffee-flavoured cheese whipped with sugar and egg, layered with sponge fingers soaked in coffee, and topped with cocoa. Without it saying “Pick-me-up” in Italian, it is the most picked up dessert.

Mid-morning snack from Middle East: Baklava

This sweet pudding would definitely be in any list of best sweets and desserts around the world. It is served at the end of a feast at homes as well as restaurants. Though this bake is widely popular in the Middle East and beyond, it was invented in as early as second century BC either in Greece or Turkey. It is made in big tins and from thin filo pastry, chopped nuts, butter, and a sweet syrup scented with rose or orange water.

Fried sweet ball from India: Gulab Jamun

The mixture of dried milk powder, yogurt, clarified butter, flour and flavouring is made into lemon-sized balls, deep fried in clarified butter or oil on low heat, before soaked in sweet syrup for a few hours. It is topped with coarsely crushed nuts while serving. Its texture and flavour made it one of the top 10 desserts in the world any day.

Spongy square cake from Australia: Lamington

Named after Lord Lamington, who served as the governor of Queensland in the 1890s, this dessert is a square vanilla sponge covered desiccated coconut and chocolate, at tiles also with a layer of jam between two lamington halves. The interesting story behind the name is that it was invented in the kitchen of Lord Lamington when some unexpected guests turned up the chef dipped leftover vanilla sponge cake in chocolate and coconut shreds and made a new desserts. Sure it was relished by his Lordship’s guests!


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