Ten features that make a restaurant finder App the best

April 15, 2019


The age of globalization has brought international trends to India in terms of work ethics, food choices and fitness perception. Today Indians are aware of the global work and health trends and readily adapted to them. In the choice of food today’s upwardly mobile Indians consciously indulge, balancing extravaganza with healthy food options like veganism.

With the advent of digital technology India drew international companies with its key strengths of English knowledge and IT education like firefly to lamp. Urban and rural youth alike utilized the employment opportunities and India has become an IT hub. As a result on the one hand Indians socialize more, explore different cuisines and hang out with friends more. On the flip side are long work hours, daily commute, and relocation from home. Both pros and cons have made Indians look for alternative food availability outside of the home. Instead of spending much time on cooking and allied activities, we prefer to eat at restaurants more to save time, cost and effort.

The world has gone mobile. Most of us use smart phones all the time for work and leisure. The availability of restaurant finder apps in both Android and iOS platforms influences our selection of food and the restaurants in a major way. With the touch of a finger we can choose the restaurant and book a table via a restaurant finder App of our choice.

Must-have features of the best Restaurant Finder App

There are dozen a dime restaurant finder Apps available on the smart phone platforms, each blowing their own trumpet. How to choose the one that serves us the best? At the first look they may all seem offering same services. That is not true. We need to check whether the restaurant finder App has the features that fulfil our needs in terms of value, cost and time. A sneak peek for the features mentioned below before installing them on your phone would help.

  1. Registration using social networking sites — this features makes your registration easy and in a matter of minutes.
  2. User profile — helps you record your address and landmark for easy location finding, the reviews you provide and also a chance to adding to favourites which you might want to repeat or check out later.
  3. Location-based GPS search and wide suggestions — real-time tracking of your location for better suggestion of restaurants and offers.
  4. Restaurant profile — helps you learn whether any of the restaurants near you actually offer the ambience and serve the food you like.
  5. Deals and rewards — this gives the App an edge over competition, look for good offers, deals, freebies and long-term loyalty rewards like no cost cash vouchers for multiple bookings.
  6. Wide spectrum of partner restaurants — enables you to explore food choices suitable to your fitness perspective, mood, and occasion.
  7. Calling from the App — booking a table in nearby restaurants for frequent needs or a celebratory lunch or dinner in an exotic restaurant should be simple and easy.
  8. Rating and reviews — display of honest ratings restaurants nearby and user reviews, which enable you to choose the restaurants which give value for your time and money.
  9. Flexible payment options – gives you multiple choices of payments, increasing ease and flexibility.
  10. Adding user photos on social media integration — you can share your special moments with the world instantly, enhancing your social quotient.

In summary, the change in global lifestyle scenario reflected on us Indians too, empowered us to look for food outside of home in restaurants as basic meal, an exploring activity, an occasion to celebrate special days and enhance our social quotient. Selecting the best restaurant finder Apps that avoid waiting time at restaurants for table, saves commuting time to far away locales at the same time offers a hassle-free delightful dining experience in and around your location aid in this quest for a balanced life admirably.


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