Safer Ways to Dine out in these Top Bengaluru Restaurants

August 16, 2021


Covid-19 continues to impact our lives in various different ways, one of which is our dining choice. After scarfing down deliveries and takeaways for many months, people worldwide are reviving their pleasure of dining out in restaurants. Despite the mandatory measures like wearing masks, regular hand sanitizing and maintaining social distance, eateries, cafés and bars have come up with innovative ways to repurpose their space for risk minimized dining experience.

For example, in last May, in Sweden, Ransäter, reportedly set up a one-person restaurant in the middle of a meadow. It is of a single table and chair and aptly called Bord för en, which literally means table for one. Mediamatic ETEN in Amsterdam launched, an outdoor dining area which has glass pods for two lined along a river, named Serres Séparées. Restaurants have a new challenge with the winter approaching, that of keeping their diners warm. They have come up with heaters and heat lamps. Yurts came up in Colorado’s Breckenridge town and The Envoy hotel in Boston set up igloos on its rooftop for guest to stay cosy while dining.

Closer to home, many restaurants in India, especially Bengaluru, redesigned and repurposed their spaces to suit the newly imposed restrictions including few diners and more distance between tables, apart from the following health and safety measures:

  • Pre booking of tables
  • Compulsory Mask
  • Temperature check on entry
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Multiple Service options
  • No-contact delivery

Many restaurants reopened after lockdown with repurposed layouts, incorporating previously optimally unused open spaces like smoking area, terraces, tents, gardens or at least more plants and fans to their décor for diners to feel safer outdoors once again. Although Covid-19 is still a worry, people have realigned themselves to the new normal and started reviving regular life as much as possible, as depression was one of the negative impacting factors over the pandemic.

The following tips are useful for you to safely dine out while enjoying the time.

1. The second-best option to take away is to choose a restaurant through GotTable Android or iOS App where there is outdoor seating, tables widely spaced and also at non-peak hour. Try Millennials, Crumb Together and Bohemians, which star in 25 most ideal outdoor-dining spots in the city Collection.

Millennials and Crumb Together are twin restaurants located in JP Nagar serving Finger food, Italian, Continental, North Indian, and Chinese. Try Pad Thai noodles, cheesecakes, nachos and corn chops along drinks or cocktails. They have high quality food and also service is satisfactory. Overall, they are very successful in reimagining their space for patrons after Covid-19 lockdown.

Bohemians offer Healthy food, Modern Indian food apart from European, Thai, Turkish and Chinese cuisines. They are at Indira Nagar. Patrons liked massaman curry. Crispy lotus stem, grilled fish, pie, railway mutton and salads here. The fusion dishes are popular. Ambience with comfortable and spaced-out seating along with good services makes this place a most preferred one.

2. Call Restaurants well In Advance once you choose them, know the safety measures taken, seating arrangement and the optimum time. Ensure they follow all safety protocols diligently. We are happy that GotTable partner restaurants Buffalo Wild Wings, Orbis Restaurant and Brew Kings star in the Collection “Food Hygiene Rated Restaurants in Bengaluru” to serve you the best. They have excellent-5 rankings for Well-Sanitized Kitchen and Dining, Daily temperature checks of employees, Temperature check on patrons on entry, Contactless Dining, etc.

3. If you are able to choose an open seating restaurant due to various reasons such as rain and cold, think of picking restaurants that have open airflow with the indoor seating.

4. You also follow protocols and handle face mask carefully. Wear your mask all the time except when you eat. Keep your mask in a disinfected area when you remove it. Handle it by taking it out with the ear loops. Wash it as you reach home.


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