Popular restaurants in Bengaluru Rassasy by Barcelos

March 23, 2020


Bengaluru is a buzzing metropolis teeming with hundreds of restaurants offering, native, regional, national, Asian, continental, American and world cuisines to residents, visitors, and food buffs alike.

Each restaurant has its own unique purpose serving to its niche clientele all over the city. Yet depending on the season, offers, and peer recommendations, some restaurants become more popular for a particular period of time. Gastropub inspired by American and European retro time, Rassasy by Barcelosis one such restaurant that is trending this month, favoured by the food and fun loving population and visitors of Bengaluru.

Rassasy by Barcelos

Casual dining & bar located at Forum Shantiniketan mall, Whitefield, Rassasy by Barcelos is easily accessible and an attractive feature of the mall. It is a gastropub, serving handcrafted cocktails and Beers on Tap with European and American delicacies, inspired by European and American retro time. Though it has both indoors and outdoor seating, many feel the view from the outdoor seating is spectacular, thus it is pretty much packed. The boundaries are lined with a huge amount of greens and the fresh air that blew across makes it really soothing enticing whoever visit the restaurant would automatically come and sit in the outdoor area. With their American and Continental cuisines it is no wonder that Rassasy has featured in Collections European & Mediterranean, Insta-Worthy, and SundayBrunches. Additionally pleasant look and feel and décor add to its value. Friendly staff and great service are sure to make you visit them repeatedly. Their cocktails, pizza, mocktails, chips, salad, tiramisu, empanadas, and lamb chops are very popular among young and old alike. The time taken to bring to your order, as most of the things are made freshly from scratch not readymade and reheated, can be used to enjoy the company, décor and ambience along with your drinks.

Try these trending dishes

  • Chimichuri Wings tangy with a hint of spice made of tender juicy meat, suitable to pair with a pint of beer;
  • Crispy Fish Fingers served with tartar sauce is also an apt accompaniment to drinks;
  • Fully cheese stuffed Macaroni Cheese Balls;
  • Farm Fresh Pizza with very thin base, probably similar to a tortilla which is used for making the quesadillas base. The edges get crispy on baking The filling contains an assortment of vegetables and the regular tomato sauce base;
  • Chicken Aglio E Olio is an amazing dish with perfectly cooked spaghetti and a great flavor of garlic and freshly cracked black pepper, with awesome moist chicken pieces.
  • Mango Cheesecake which is a baked cheesecake slice with mango crush and vanilla ice cream.
  • The spongy, soft Tiramisu soaked in a good amount of coffee. They use sweet chocolate for balancing to make a great dessert.

To put it in a nut shell, it’s a nice place to visit and relax along with a few drinks. The view is nice, and they have a screen too where you can watch a game. The price isn’t steep and some items quite delicious.


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