In a Food Mood?

May 10, 2019


Food is more than a nourisher

Don’t we drool at the very thought of favourite dish? As soon as the thought comes, or we happened to see others eat, we get it and eat before moving on! Such is the power of food since we were cavemen. Food has more meanings than its basic role of the nourisher of body. Food has intertwined with culture in more than one way. In ancient times food was worshipped and wasting it considered a sin. In a common meal at it has been a bridge across various strata of society. During fasting it acts as a cleanser of digestive system. Food giving and receiving bore the mark of social status all around the world.

Food’s role today

Coming to the present days, significance of food has increased manifold.For example, for an immigrant away from home, food can be nostalgic and present important connections to one’s family and nation. Food can be a bridge that supports immigrants find their foothold in a new society. Besides, home-made food, dining out has caught on in a big way because today food.

Bangalore: A Foodies’ hub

With the industrialization relocation of people to new places has become the norm. Hence all major cities have opened themselves to a wide variety of cuisines to cater to the palate of residents and immigrants. Bangalore City is leading on that count. It is a paradise for food lovers. It’s a place apt for followers of writer Mark Twain’s policy: “The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside”. GotTable restaurant finder App’s with its restaurant partners offers you different delightful dining experiences suitable to your various moods, be it a sudden craving for a favourite food,for celebration on a winning day, a hangout with buddies, a quick bite with colleagues, leisurely family day, exploratory urge, a delicate dish popular at a specific restaurant. GotTable got it all. You can splurge on South Indian delicacies, North Indian delicacies, Regionals cuisines and, well, a world-class continental choice of foods.

What, or what not, mood foodsGotTable offers?

India is known for its diversity; a synthesis of different cultures, tradition and lifestyles is what truly defines India. In addition to diversity in climate, vegetation and wildlife, the food in India is equally diverse. Each region influencesits cuisine by its history and climate, in a way every state in the country prides itself of a unique delicacy. Bangalore as a food hub presents unique north Indian delicacies.
GotTable App’s Bangalore partner restaurants such as Checkpost, Spice Code, Déjà vu Resto Bar, Nouville Garden the Ambient Turret, Flow, Melt and @4th Mainoffer such north Indian delicacies as the Lucknawi or the Awadhi Biriyani, Chole Bhature, spicy Chicken Butter Masala with Nan/Rumali roti, BaiganBharta, Kashmiri Dum Aloo, Tandoori Chicken/Tikka Masala,Sarso Da Saag, Makki Ki Roti, Rogan Josh/Laal Maans, Rabdi, Ghewar, Dal BhatiChurma, Kadhi, Dokla, and lassi and masala milk.

GotTable’s partners’ south Indian spread encompasses every region of south India. Starting from idli, vada sambar combinations to umpteen dosa varieties, uthappam, appam and kadalai curry, puttu, pesaratu, Mangalore bun, dal obbitu, among hundreds of others. Check out these and much more at Seasons, Bella, RamanasreeKudla, Flame Pub, Club Kahuna-Big Pitcher, For a full list please see GotTable App. The spectrum of street food is even wider. Kebabs, rolls, Gobi Manchurian, Chat varieties, sandwich varieties, bajji, bonda, we can go on and on.

For those who have settled in Bangalore from across the country, and globe, can feel at home with GotTable’s best regional and continental food offers. You won’t feel lonely and homesick with the restaurants serving Andhra, Bengali, Goan, Kerala, Maharashtrian, Mangalorean and Mughal cuisines near you. Of the continental restaurants, try Biso- Citrus, Skylit at Citrus, Uttarkhand, Orchid Multicuisine and check out GotTable App for similar wonderful offers. For multi-cuisines, book at restaurants like RamanashreeKudla, Urban Delicacy, Deewar Hotel, Public Rooftop bar and Restaurant and more at GotTable App.

The restaurant mentioned here are just a tip of the GotTable iceberg. Check the App for hundreds of restaurants catering to your whims and fancies. Many of our partners offer comprehensive food choices that you can mix and choose as your whim dictates!


“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating” – Footballer John Walters

He echoes the sentiment of food lovers all over the world. We have talked so much about food. For sure we are reminiscing our great food times. Recreating those great moments are just one click away. Download and open GotTable App and book restaurants where your favourite dishes are waiting to join you! Bon Appetit


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