Hunger pangs or hangout plans Bengaluru has best restaurants near you

March 27, 2019


Bengaluru has stepped up its game. From being a laid-back traditional known for its greenery has grown leaps and bounds to become a thriving economic power house internationally. The transformation for this emerging metropolis from ‘garden city’ to Silicon Valley of India’ happened through its ability to adapt to changing economic climate and absorb multicultural diversity seamlessly into its fold.

Changing times, changing needs

Indian population in general, young in particular has changed its eating pattern in tune with times and opportunities.

According to a Franchise India survey, 34% of Indians eat out two to three times a week, 27% eat once a week, about 11% eat three or more times a week, 12% eat once a month, 3% eat out on special occasions, while 12% love to eat daily at a restaurant.

Becoming an IT hub and a haven for start-ups filled with youth, Bengaluru has expanded its food diversity as well. The city has witnessed escalation in fine dining restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, clubs, lounges, and international fast food joints. It didn’t diminish casual dining eateries, nor traditional food restaurants. Simply the whole food scene bloomed in Bengaluru with the arrival of first-generation white-collar workforce, single men and women to work in IT, young entrepreneurs, upwardly mobile executives, international businesspersons and the like.

Bengaluru’s unparalleled adaptability

With the proliferation of IT industry and start-ups, Bengaluru witnesses more working people or working couples per household. This results in lack of time for cooking, but more money to spend on food. Work-life balance is another instrumental factor that drives people to dine out, takeout food on the way home or get it delivered at the door steps. Also, eating out during weekends gives opportunity to relax with family and mingle within their social circle.

Bengaluru caters to all food whims of its citizens and also the business visitors and tourists alike delightfully. As the city is widely spread, all over Bengaluru you can get your preferred food without facing the hassles of traffic snarls or table waiting time. Be it hurried office goers in need of a quick breakfast, lunch with a colleague near office, takeout to home at the end of a long day, or just a hangout with friends at the end of school or college, restaurants near your home, office, school or college are always ready to serve your need with speed. Weekend bustle is no less. Pubbing on Friday night with buddies, Saturday or Sunday brunch with family, plenty of choices you have to choose from.

Name it you have it

The fast-emerging metropolis never disappoints its food lovers. Be it settled Bangaloreans or the new crowd who have made Bangalore their home in recent times or the pan India or international visitors, Bangalore offers plenty of food choices in quirky combinations, such as combining Kerala and Western cuisine with unexpected desserts.

Another feather in its food cap is that all the restaurants that offer everyday food or exotic food spread evenly across the city. No one needs to travel 30KM to take delight in their favourite dishes or cosy ambience.

If you are single and living on budget saving for future, you have many eateries all over Bengaluru that offer variety of options without burning a hole in your pocket. In addition many restaurant finder Apps are active in Bengaluru. A simple Google search “best restaurants near me”, with variants like “best vegetarian restaurants near me” “Best biryani near me” will pour innumerous choices from which you can indulge.
There is no dearth in different types of food too. Worldwide cuisine is available almost round the clock catering to start up and IT tech park workforce. Regional native cuisine starts from the regular vegetarian delights to the cuisine western coast and of southwest communities from Mangalore to Portuguese-Goa featuring fresh seafood.

Outside of the south Indian realm, Pan India cuisine is available widespread. Gujarati, Rajastani, Punjabi, Bengali, Bengaluru never gives homesick to its visitors. For those of foreign nationals or food connoisseurs who want to explore world cuisine, Bengaluru doesn’t disappoint. Upmarket swanky restaurants offer Asian, continental, American, Mexican and other choices.

Food comes with value addition aimed at giving a unique experience to patrons. Special themed restaurants, dinner date restaurants with live music, rooftop cafes, breweries and bars, make-ur-own-barbeques and eateries that cater to those fasting during navarathri celebrations or even Iftar! Last but not least munch food, finger food, burger specials have mushroomed to cater young college crowd. Another speciality is food trucks parked at specific locations at specific times. They offer not just pizzas and burgers, but also homemade thalis and chats.

In summary, changing tastes and needs led to sprawling of food industry all over Bangalore. There is no need to fret about the traffic or time constraints. All over the city street food to swanky restaurants are available for you. If you are a foodie and you are a resident or visitor of Bengaluru, make use of the opportunities to guzzle and indulge to your heart’s content.


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