Famous food streets in Bengaluru you should not miss

March 2, 2022


Feel like eating piping hot jalebis, spicy momos, pani puri, or tasty meat kebabs, chat or sandwich? Head straight to any of the famous food streets in Bengaluru to satisfy your yearning! The best thing about Bengaluru foodscape is you can never get enough of it. From fine dining to funky street food, you get it all very near to your location wherever you are in the city which means you need not have to go hunting a long way to eat your favourite dishes. Bengaluru has quite a few street food hubs, covering entire lanes, lined on both side with stalls that dish out all Indian street food right from local vadas to exotic kebabs. Well, let’s have a look around.

Famous locales for street food

 Thindi Beedi, VV Puram

Literally meaning “Eat Street” Thindi Beedi is one of the most popular and most visited food streets in Bengaluru. Open only in the evenings, snacks served here are of great variety. You can have light snacks like bhel puri or potato wafers, or heavier ones like masala dosa and gobi Manchurian. both light like bhel puri and potato wafers and heavier Gobi Manchurian and masala dosa variety are served here. But better go for regional items Akki Roti and Avarekai (hyacinth beans), Paddus, and Curd Kodubale. You must try offbeat items such as Rasghulla chat, fire paan, holige or even gulkhand fruit chat. Sounds interesting, right?

Loafers Lane, Vasanth Nagar

Another top food street in Bengaluru that is thronged by young students and all age groups alike. From finger food to bite-sized cupcakes, from Mexican Chaat to Bombay Sandwich, momos with different unique fillings to maddur vade, the lane has it all for the foodies who explore new or go with the old. This place attracts both hard workers and lazy loafers. Once you go, you wouldn’t mind spending an entire day eating your way through the Loafer’s Lane.

Food Street, HSR Layout

The very name is beckoning us to try the treats it offers. Located on 14th main, opposite House of Commons, this food street is the best spot for meat lovers. Keep your stomach empty from the previous day itself for heavenly, quick treats like chicken fry and grilled chicken. Or go for more filling the special donne biryani, which is made with a secret recipe of masala. Numerous carts and stalls offer many more items. Vegetarians, you are also not left disappointed. The usual suspects chats, vadas, and variety of rolls await you.

Eat Street, Koramangala

If you don’t want to go to a mall, but want to hang out, Eat Street is the place you need to head to. Koramangala is teemed with delicious food joints, and Eat Street comes at top. You get everything from street food staples to casual dine options. And you would want to try them all. There are also chaat street for chaats, DeliToons for malai sandwich and The Breakfast Truck for the best breakfast. Paratha Singh Pakora King is also a must-visit stall for different versions of parathas and pakodas. For the dessert hit The Sweet Spot! For more fun, there are live gigs and karaoke nights along with celebration events on special occasions., which are not available anywhere else, for sure.

Shivaji Nagar

If you want to make a meaty memory of your Bengaluru food street experience, head straight to Shivaji Nagar food street. There are variety of stall selling different variety meat. No-one comes disappointed from Shivaji Nagar, as there is something for everyone.

Mosque Road, Frazer town

Most locals love for a wide variety of meat-based street food. Mosque road is famous for haleem and sheikh kebabs, among others.

Chick Lane, Hosur Road

As it is located near Christ University, Chick Lane is often visited by students to hang out with a quick bite in the evening. The lane is full of cafes and eateries dishing out momos to mumbaiya  pav bhaji, to shawarma. Eateries also serve more filling pasta, pizza and biryani also. Don’t miss Tea Break, taste some of their over 60 varieties of tea for an unforgettable experience.

Food Street, Wilson Garden
Although a small food street compared to others, this has some interesting treats that would definitely please you. Start with bajjis and vadas and munch your way to other dishes like Benne masala dosa, kothu porotta, onion dosas and the locals’ favourite gobi Manchurian. The options are less of course, but some of these dishes are sure crowd pullers and every evening the street is jam packed with foodies looking for special treats.

Food Street, Nagarathpet

This is also yet to be popular food street in Bengaluru. In its lively crowd, lanes of stalls and carts, this street reminds of Thindi Beedi. Another lesser-known food street in Bangalore, Nagarathpet’s thriving lane of eateries and carts might almost remind you of VV Puram’s Thindi Beedi. You get all the usual fares like chats, juices and pav bhaji and dabeli. The more you walk along the street and sampling all it offers, more the fun you get. What more could be a perfect way to spend a weekend evening!

Famous stalls that made a mark on the Bengaluru foodscape

Shri Sagar-Malleshwaram

Formerly known as central Tiffin room, Shri Sagar is known for its best South Indian food. Their speciality is a variety of dosas, most famous of them is yum Butter Masala Dosa. After trying all dosas you can go for Poori Sagu, Vada, and Kesribath among others.

Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls

Khan Saheb is unique because it offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian street food. This is the place you need to hit if delicious grilled food or rolls are what you are looking for. The prices are so affordable that people come from far off places to munch their items.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

They serve five meals. This is one of the oldest places for street food in Bengaluru. As the dishes are tasty and the prices are very reasonable, the spot is always crowded with people longing to have the common yet special vadas and idlis.

Sri Sairam’s chats and Juice
They are chaat kings. It’s a local favourite place and always teemed with people with chaat cravings. The juices variety is amazing. It will be satisfying outing for the foodies to visit this place.

Hari’s super sandwich

As the name would have it, the sandwiches are really super tasty. One of the best joints in Bengaluru for sandwiches and chats, Hari’s is famous for its unique chocolate sandwich. They also serve affordable and healthy meals.

Spicy corner –Jeevanabheema Nagar

Spicy corner offers the best spicy street food in the entire Bengaluru. They only serve vegetarian meals. Yet, this spot is always packed as the meals are delicious and at good price.

Puchka’s, Marathahalli

This iconic pani puri stall should be on your itinerary for sure in your journey of finding the best street food. The spot is spic and span so no worry about getting sick. Apart from puchkas, you can enjoy their hot dogs and burgers as well.

All in all, the street food in Bengaluru is as popular as the multiple local and international cuisines available at different restaurants all over the city. The street stalls and carts may not have seating arrangements, but by their sheer variety and taste, they nonetheless captured the heart of locals and visitors alike. If you are visiting Bengaluru, don’t miss the wonderful variety of street food which adds to the pleasure of being in the garden city.


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