Best street food of Bengaluru

October 30, 2021


Bengaluru is a gastronomical paradise. Due to its multicultural residents Bengaluru food industry caters to all cultures with its diverse cuisines and a wide range of outlets. The robust cosmopolitan culture brought by the growing IT presence, the food scene is Bengaluru has evolved to include local and international food, from fine dining to casual street food. Its street food gives tough fight to the popular microbreweries, lounges, restaurants, and pubs strewn around the city by its taste, cost and variety. You can’t miss the street food which is all pervasive at every nook and corner of Bengaluru.

Be it the southern choices like steamed idlis, crispy dosas of 99 kinds, vadai and sambar to native chow baat, damrot, poori sagu, rava idli, rava vada, bajji to north Indian chat pav bhaji, pani puri and cutlet to Mexican wraps and sandwiches. Nothing is scarce in Bengaluru. You’ll be surprised at first to see people end any and every food with a filter coffee then you’ll start enjoying it immensely.

Here are some tantalizing street foods you shouldn’t miss whether you stay in or visit Bengaluru.

The southern choices: Idli, vada, dosa, uthappam

If you ask any South Indian what did they take for breakfast, it must be either idli, or dosa or vada sambar. These are eaten While idli and dosa are made of rice and black gram ground batter, vada is either made of split chickpea lentils or black gram batter mixed with spices. Uthappam is another great dish; this resembles dosa, but much softer. It comes in different variant with cheese, paneer, onion, vegetables. The ghee dosa that comes in conical shape differs from the regular dosa in that it almost resembles a crepe and loaded with clarified butter. Innovative combinations of chutneys are another speciality. Although these delicacies are found all over the city, head straight to the local street corner stalls. Served with coconut chutney, chilli chutney, tomato chutney and sambar, these delicacies can be had at a very affordable cost.

North Indian nuggets: Pani puri and chat

The streets of Bengaluru come alive with hundreds of food stalls as the sun goes down. Though pani puri and Chaat isn’t native to Bangalore, the citizens are crazy about these. You can spot these tasty treats from bhel puri to khatta-meetha pani puri at every corner of the city. You can get as many varieties as you like. Different top ups like dahi, sev with side choices of green chutney, tomato chutney and imli chutney make you crave for chat. Samosa chat is a fantastic variant. The potato filled samosa is crushed topped with crispy and crunchy chat items, sauces and chutneys added to it. If you love spice, this item is a must try.

Universal favourites: Kebab and Roll

You won’t mind wolfing down the yummy rolls and kebabs once you taste them anywhere in the city. Though they are not native to the city they are well adopted. There is no dearth of options. You can choose from the succulent and tender rolls of made of chicken or mutton or pick vegetarian choices, go for whole grilled chickens, try sheek kebabs and shawarma rolls, not to forget the customized Bengaluru version of Calcutta rolls. Endless delights awaits you everywhere you go in the city.

Chinese Chunks: Gobi Manchurian

No one can help falling for the Chinese origin gastronomy delight gobi Manchurian. Many regard this tangy, crispy dish as the best street food in Bangalore It is available in many variants, dry or with gravy as you like it. By deep-frying mashed cauliflower balls and tossing dark soya sauce with it, it is made heavenly. It is generally topped with chopped spring onion. Make it a point to ask if it is not done.

The sweet treat: Mangalore Bun

A staple breakfast and also a tea-time snack of the Dakshina Kannada region, Mangalore bun is a fluffy, tender bun sweet in taste. It is easy to prepare by mixing wheat flour and bananas. Although it is sweet, it is usually eaten with coconut chutney and varieties of sambar as it balances the flavour.

Karnataka’s own: Obbattu

Some call it Mysore obbatu and some Holige, but whatever name, it is one of the tasty all-day snacks. It is said to be originated in Karnataka as a dessert. It is made from maida and filled with different kinds of sweet mixes using peanuts, chickpea lentils, jaggaery, cardamom powder. It is served piping hot with a coat of ghee on it. Called Puran poli in Maharashtra this dish is generally made in home during festivals like Deepawali, Chitra pournami, etc.

Unbeatable combo: Bhajji and Filter Coffee

One of the best evening snacks, the crispy bhajji enjoys a royal place among the street food as a hot bhajji with filter coffee can keep the evening chillness away. A hot favourite of foodies it comes in various fillings, classic bonda, hot and spicy chilli or boiled egg. Mint chutney is the best accompaniment for this versatile food that stole millions of hearts. Dry chutney and sweet sauce are also served. End it with a classic filter coffee to thoroughly enjoy the cool, rainy evenings.

Having own fan base: Sandwich

None can beat the worldwide fame of sandwich as the most popular snack of all times. Bengaluru foodies also warmed up to it since long. You can see people munching sandwiches at all places. It comes in many variants than the classic sandwich which is served with mint chutney and have a filling of potatoes, beetroot, onions, tomatoes and cucumber. You can have it grilled or non-grilled as you wish. Potato sandwiches and chicken sandwiches with mayonnaise are also popularly eaten here. Chocolate sandwich is a popular variant liked by kids

Tongue tickler: Tandoori

It is available kebab joints, restaurants and stalls. The tender chicken is marinated with a spicy red masala and it is perfectly grilled making you drool.

Leisure with Lebanese: Shawarma

The Lebanese origin shawarma has its own sweet place in Bangalore foodies heart. It looks like a khati roll, with Middle-Eastern flavours. This Lebanese roll with oodles of hummus and pickles is mostly served with chicken.

From Tibet with taste: Momos

A Nepali and Tibetan delicacy, momos have made their way to Bangalore’s street food scene in the recent past. It is a type of dumpling filled with vegetables, cheese, chicken or lamb, are served with a tangy red sauce. In the evenings you can get the momos from the local vendors on carts.

Next door neighbour: Vada pav

The most loved street food of Maharashtra has taken a strong hold in Bengaluru street food scene too. This potato vada stuffed bun-bread served with gunpowder chutney and fried green chillies. In the non-vegetarian variant called keema pav, vada is replaced with minced meat. It is a great snack if you are looking to eat  at midnight.

Another veggie delight: Soya Chaap

It caught the fancy of Bengalurians in the recent past to bloom as one of the popular snack in and around Bengaluru. It comes with different flavours like malai and mixed masala. Don’t leave Bengaluru without trying it.

Best Places for Street Food in Bangalore

Food Street Bangalore, V V Puram

From the hot and spicy Masala Dosa to the sweet Dal Holige, many types of street food are available on Food Street loved by foodies.

Eat Street – Koramangala

This mini open-air food court is great for an evening outing. This street food place becomes a must-visit when in Koramangala with a variety of cuisines to choose from, live music, karaoke nights, and lively ambiance,

Mosque Road

Mosque road has been known for ages thanks to its mouth-watering and meat-based dishes. If you love non-vegetarian food, then you’ll enjoy the best street food in Bangalore.

Shri Sagar – CTR at Margosa Road, Malleshwaram has done captivated dosa lovers effortlessly and brilliantly for over six decades.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar – Basavanagudi

It is best in class place for traditional south Indian food. It offers piping hot rice idlis which are soft and crispy vadas. They also serve a variety of dishes.

Hari Super Sandwich – Jayanagar

This place at Jayanagar is one of the finest street food joints for a variety of sandwiches and chats which are as affordable and healthy.

Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall – Jayanagar

Pani Puri, Gol Gappa or Puchka or whatever you choose to call it, this joint gives you every reason to love this street food favorite.

Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Delicious and crunchy rolls and grills are their speciality. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian street foods are served here and the prices are extremely reasonable.

Puchka’s – Marathahalli

You get to eat some lovely Indori food. It scores high on taste as well as hygiene

Karnataka Bhel House – Basavanagudi

Hop into this purely vegetarian and outdoor seating famous chat stall located at Uma Theatre Road, Chamarajapet in Basavanagudi during the evening to enjoy some delicious street food in Bangalore. The pricing here is affordable and some of the best dishes served here are the aloo dahi puri, sev puri, and masala puri.


Bengaluru is abuzz with great food, all varieties of it. Street food has a special attraction in many places around the city as many small outlets have good reputation for their hygiene. You need to look for good stalls but that is not difficult as most of them are neat and clean. Every morning and evening you will find stalls flanked on both sides of the road serving yummy food. Choose yours as per your mood.


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