Best Restaurants in Bangalore by Area

August 19, 2019


Bangalore has come a long way from having a mud fort, the Vijayanagar Empire and a cantonment to tall smart buildings, pubs, a thriving music scene and plenty of green public spaces. There was a pre-British Bangalore, then came British settlement and now it is new Bangalore, with the IT parks, and the hep and happening neighborhoods beyond the old city, fir to the epithet of India’s Silicon Valley. Not just that, with its cool, hip urbanism, Bangalore has become pub and rock capital of India also.

The change has happened in tune with times. With the advent of British settlement, eastern Bangalore nurtured a concentrated English-European culture, with missionary-run schools, Western dressing, manners, etiquette, and merry-making tipplers, while beyond Cubbon Park, in old Bangalore, traditional India reigned.

Bangalore is the face of India’s changing fortunes, which itself transformed beyond recognition. The numbers which formed the basis of this change are mind staggering. Bengaluru, as has been called since November 2014, is the hub of theinformation technology (IT) sector worth $150 billionthat contributesnearly 10%to India’s GDP. Bengaluru single-handedly generated$45 billionin IT revenues in 2014.

That is not all. Bengaluru is the world’s 87th most important metro, according to a Brookings Institute report. It is India’s fifth most populous urban center, with 3.4 million in 1985 exploded nearly 200% to over 10 million residents in 2017. To accommodate all, the city limits had been expanded. All amenities had to be provided by the government and private sector. The city which expanded by 360% from 1979 to today had to provide shelter and food to all its residents.

Keeping in mind with the above need the hospitality industry has come up with multitude of hotels catering to all budgets, all nationalities and every need and whim of food consumers and food lovers. GotTable which is a fast-growing best restaurant deal finder App currently active in Bengaluru has tied up with restaurants across the vast 709 square kilometers all over the city to provide its guest delightful hassle-free dining experience with pocket-friendly meal deals.

Best restaurants in Indiranagar:

  • Anabell (fast food)
  • BabaYaga’s Diner & Bar (American, finger food)
  • Barebones – The Balcony Bar (Chinese, Continental, Finger Food, Italian)
  • Boozer’s bar and Kitchen(Continental, Italian, North Indian, Chinese, Finger Food)
  • Chantilly (Café, American)
  • Django (American, Fast Food, Healthy Food)
  • Hangover (Asian, Continental, Finger Food)
  • Hungry Walker (Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Asian, Chinese, Continental, Malaysian)
  • Jimi’s Beer Café (American, North Indian, Chinese)
  • Kobe Sizzlers (American, Continental, Fast Food, Steak)
  • Sherlock’s pub (Continental, North Indian, Chinese)
  • Thai Chy (Thai, Asian, Indonesian)
  • The Teal Door Café (Café, Continental)
  • Three Dots and a dash (European, Continental)

Best restaurants in Koramangala

  • Amogha Dine (American, Continental, Finger Food)
  • Barleyz (North Indian, Continental, Chinese)
  • Brooks and Bonds (Continental, Mediterranean, North Indian, Chinese, Finger Food)
  • Bulls N Bears (Finger Food, North Indian, Continental)
  • Kobe Sizzlers (American, Continental, Fast Food, Steak)
  • Punjab Grill (North Indian)
  • Sherlocks Pub (Continental, North Indian, Chinese)
  • Umerkot (North Indian, Mughlai)
  • What’s In A Name (Finger Food, Asian, European, Italian)

Best restaurant in Kodihalli

  • Club Kahuna – Big Pitcher (American, Continental, North Indian, Mediterranean)
  • Sizzling Street – Big Pitcher (American, Continental, North Indian, Mediterranean)
  • Splitwood – Big Pitcher (American, Continental, North Indian, Mediterranean)
  • Star Lounge – Big Pitcher (American, Continental, North Indian, Mediterranean)
  • Studio 4121 – Big Pitcher (American, Continental, North Indian, Mediterranean)

Best restaurants in JP Nagar

  • Checkpost (South Indian, Seafood, North Indian)
  • Inchara Hotel (North Indian, Continental, Chinese)
  • Mango Tree (North Indian, Chinese, Continental)
  • Melt (North Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mughlai, Seafood)
  • Nouvelle Garden – The Ambient Turret (North Indian, Continental, Italian)
  • Spice Code (South Indian, North Indian, Chinese)
  • The Costal Crew (Chinese, Thai, Seafood, North Indian)
  • Three Dots and a dash (European, Continental)

Best restaurants in Kalyan Nagar

  • Firki Bar and Café (North Indian, Continental, Fast Food, Chinese)
  • Sherlock’s pub (Continental, North Indian, Chinese)
  • Teburu (Japanese, Asian, Chinese)

Best restaurants in Gandhi Nagar

  • Orchid – Multi Cuisine (Continental, Chinese, North Indian)
  • Terrace Bar (North Indian, Continental)

Best restaurants in Vasanth Nagar

  • Aqua Grill (Continental, Seafood)
  • Biso– Citrus (North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Continental)
  • Hammered (North Indian, Continental)
  • Skylit– Citrus (North Indian, Mughlai, Mediterranean)
  • Zodiac (North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental)

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