7 important factors in choosing a restaurant

October 7, 2019


It is always a major challenge to choose which restaurant to go when we decide to eat out? Do we look at the food? Are we looking for a place worth remembering of the occasion? Do we let our children decide? Do we look at review rating? Anyone or a combination of these or all ofthese and more play a major role in our selection of restaurants.

Choosing a restaurant plays a delightful or disastrous dining experience. What factors you would consider to get a better experience? Word of mouth review has enormous influence on our choice, with which online reviews have added weight. On the other hand, why not try something new that satisfies your appetite for exploration? Though it depends on individual considerations the following factors commonly holds good influence over our restaurant choice.

Your top picks could be Location, Ambience, Value for money, Service, Hygiene, Cuisine and Popularity

  1. Neighbourhood restaurant
    Choose a restaurant nearer to your home. Best is at walkable distance or a short drive. When you have a great time, it may not be prudent to drive afterwards home. The restaurant must be located where you can get cab home quickly and easily. If the location is truly exceptional like lakeside, then it’s worth the money and time you spend to reach such locations.
  2. Ambience soothes the spirit
    Go to a place where the ambience suit your taste or mood. Some restaurants have great décor, but not just your type. It jars your senses and mars your dining experience. Check out with people or online how the ambience is. Is the music loud? Is it crampy? Theme-based decoration? Too much cold? Go to a place where the mood is brightened with art, music of your taste and that generally sets your mood right. In case of business meetings you can opt for a restaurant that has subtle music or private or semi-private rooms.

  3. Cuisine choices cool you down
    If you are distraught, you would want to destress by consuming your favourite food paired with some good drink. Look around your neighbourhood for such a choicy combo, you have the option of either look wider around or settle for a second choice depending upon your energy levels and traffic warnings. Many restaurant apps like GotTable partner with restaurants across cities you give you a broad range of options to choose from.
  4. Higher ranked restaurants offer good value
    Even though people don’t mind spending extra for specials, they look for value for the money spent. There is nothing cheap about it. Online reviews as well as word of mouth referrals always consider this factor while rating. The portion should justify the price, which is a marker of restaurants’ integrity. Such restaurants always found favour with patrons all over the world, getting five-star reviews all the time.
  5. Excellent service enchants customers
    Restaurants that are known for polite and courteous staff are much sought after as the staff and service form part of pleasant dining experience. If these are neighbourhood, it’s double delight as many of the staff know you by face or name and take care of you well. A secret to getting excellent service is meeting the staff half way. Treating them kind and trying to be helpful put the staff on the pleasant side despite them being super busy catering to peak hour orders.
  6. Value Hygiene if you value your health
    Hygiene is one of the factors people are concerned with restaurants. Presently restaurants are rated for hygiene by the food and drug administration department’s empanelled companies. Look for such rating in the restaurants you want to eat in order not to ruin your health and get you sick.
  7. Trending restaurants are trending for a reason
    Trending restaurants are popular for a reason. It may be one or all or a combination of the abovementioned factors. These days people are more aware and savvy in getting value in their experience. You too join the bandwagon and select a tried and trusted restaurant.

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