6 reasons why GotTable booking is best

October 7, 2019


GotTable is one of the best restaurant discovery App in Bengaluru. We serve to bring best to the users of our app as well as our restaurant partners grow with us. We have partnered with restaurants serving local cuisines, regional cuisines, South Indian, North Indian, Mughal, Bengali, Konkani, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Asian, Continental, American and International widely spread at important areas like Koramangala, Indiranagar, Domlur, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram, JP Nagar, Whitefield, Nagavara, Mathikere, Yeshwanthpur, and Kalyan nagar.

We aim to connect food lovers, residents of and visitors to Bengaluru with restaurants that give value for the money and effort spent. What do restaurants offer for the GotTable guests that make you want to be part of this food adventure? GotTable offers discounts, deals, loyalty programs, combos, one plus one, two plus two and two plus one offers, event-based meal deals near you and many more.

DO YOU KNOW?: These kinds of promotions are not new phenomena. In 1887, the first-ever coupon was distributed by Coca-Cola, makers of coke: One free glass of coke. 8.5 million consumers used that offer in the next 25 years.

  1. Freebies:
    Restaurants are happy to have you at their tables. To show their delight, they honour you with freebies. These freebies include a free drink or free veg/non-veg dish or even veg/non-veg sizzler. Some partners offer each guest a free drink, however big your group is.
  2. Discounts:

    Many types are in the offing. Some are seasonal, some ongoing, some are for the first-time users, some for the multiusers, some for group. Other types are on food only, on drinks only and/or on total bill. Some others offer flat discount on a bill. Depending on your other factors in choosing a restaurant you can avail the discount that suits you most. Download GotTable and book tables to enjoy great discounts.
  3. Deals:

    In appreciation of your choosing to dine with us, we offer irresistible deals. Try our BOGO (Buy One Get One), its variations like buy two get two and buy two get one, on different cocktails at many of our associate restaurants. Some other restaurants tempt you to throw a grand party at pocket-friendly budget by offering happy hours deal or free dishes and desserts. Check out GotTable App for ongoing best meal deals near you.

    DO YOU KNOW?: If a deal is available, 80% of diners favour to try a restaurant. 57% of millennials look for restaurant coupons
  4. Loyalty Programs

    Your loyalty is our pride. We recognize your loyalty towards GotTable and treat you special unabashedly. The more you use GotTable App in a calendar month to book your tables using the discounts and deals and honour the booking, we have interesting loyalty rewards for you. Check out our FB page https://www.facebook.com/GotTableApp/ for more details.GotTable appreciates patron who bring more value to us by the way of inviting them to special ‘GotTable Connect’ events.
    DO YOU KNOW?: The first loyalty program was begun by a US merchant. In 1793, he started giving out copper tokens which could be collected by the consumer and exchanged for items in his store.
  5. Events
    Our partner restaurant offer chef’s specials, items for which they are known for. Our guests immensely enjoy the variety and taste of chefs’ specials as each chef has their own distinct style and brings to the table their multicultural experience to delight our patrons. Furthermore festival-based menus are in the offing in quite a few restaurants lessening the burden of festival cooking at home.
  6. Combos
    This is a diner-preferred option, win-win for both our partners and patrons. Combos are dishes that complement each other are bundled into a pack that give value for money and increase customer loyalty. Many of the restaurant with best meal deals near you offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian combo options.

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