6 easy steps to claim your GotTable rewards

August 21, 2019


Most of the world is mobile today. Research states that on an average a person spends 3 hours on mobile phone daily, mainly interacting with Apps. Apps caught the fancy of smart phone users because they are easy to use, they don’t need a browser and can be used anywhere at any time, no need to be online. GotTable Android/iOS app is very helpful, user friendly and money-saver app. There are so many food apps in the foray. What makes GotTable different in serving a loyal clientele includes its reward programs designed to keep the user happy in the short and long run. A reward is something given in recognition of service, effort or achievement in general. It sits with GotTable’s reward scheme also. In addition to the one on one drink and dish offers, a certain percentage discount in total bill and other benefits, GotTable wants to reward its customers in recognition of their loyalty.

What rewards await you

GotTable offers two types of rewards for booking a table or tables though its Android/iOS app or its website.

First is Cash back Rs. 200/- on confirmed booking which will be credited to the user’s Paytm account, once their claim is validated.

Second is reward for repeated usage. If a guest has used GotTable App four times in a calendar month for dining, they are presented with an all-cost-paid cash voucher of a restaurant of their choice which is a partner restaurant of GotTable. If the guest uses the app for 8 times in a calendar month he or she will be given a free cash voucher worth of Rs. 2000. That is not all. If a user has dined via GotTable App more than 9 times in a month, he or she will be eligible for a free cash voucher worth of Rs. 3000 to dine at a partner restaurant of GotTable anywhere in Bangalore.

How to validate and claim your reward

There are 6 easy steps to claim your reward while enjoying a hassle-free delightful dining. By doing this you are validating your booking.

  • Download GotTable from Android/iOS store and install in your phone.
  • Select the restaurant and book a table/tables
  • Honour the reservation, that is dine at the restaurant booked
  • Click pictures of your food and venue
  • Post the pictures on GotTable’s Facebook or Instagram pages
  • Email the bill copy to GotTable at arun@gottable.in or share the bill copy by WhatsApp to 9739791030 as a proof of visit and expenditure.

Once your bill is validated, you will be contacted for your Paytm account details and the cash back will be credited to your account. In the case of cash vouchers, you will be contacted for choosing the restaurant among GotTable’s partners, and then you will be presented with the cash voucher as per the criteria mentioned above.

These rewards are given in addition to many freebies like one on one drinks, happy hour offers, special day like birthday and wedding anniversary offer, free drink or veg or non veg dish offer given by GotTable’s partner restaurants spread across Bengaluru. GotTable has collaborated with restaurants in all areas of the city to bring best meal deals near your location, wherever you live in Bengaluru without facing the hassle of crisscrossing the city, getting caught in traffic snarl, or waiting for a table with a growling stomach.


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