5 factors in restaurant selection by urban consumers

August 19, 2019


Food for urban consumers is no more just a necessity to satiate hunger or indulge one’s taste buds. At present days what, how and where we eat is our lifestyle, even a political statement. With city residents more pressed for time than ever before, preference for food has varied and widened. Though on working days many prefer fast casual dining, the choices lean on locally grown, organic and natural foods as well as fermented food which that are easily digested. On weekends and breaks elaborate everyday and exotic food exploration is the trend of the day.

Surveys taken across the globe reveal what do the urban folks, especially millennials expect out of the foodscape of the global cities. Those who are in Bangalore easily identify with the global brethren in their expectation from the dining experience.

Unique Dining Experiences

People no more want to eat the same food at the same restaurants many times over. Now “unique experience” is an important factor while selecting a restaurant to eat. Outstanding service is another value addition that attracts the urban consumers. Majority respondents in a survey said they look for new experience while selecting a place to eat, unique food and outstanding service follow. Respondents said they are ready pay more for these factors.

Today upwardly mobile consumers want to show their peers through the social media like Instagram what they are eating and how unique it is. Restaurants that create these experiences in the way of unique décor, game night, live music, kids’ events, candle light dinner, spectacular rooftop view and birthday and anniversary table decoration, etc. stand out to gain. Keeping thisin mind,GotTable’s partner restaurants’offersmake every meal unique memorable moments. Soho ST toasts the anniversaries with wine for couple on the house, Special table decoration with candles, red table cloth & flower arrangement. Hotel Inchara offers candle light dinner, with a 10% daily off.

Reasonable Prices

According to a study by creative agency Barkley 35% of urban young food consumers are willing to let go of some of their values to save some money. They expect healthy, good food at affordable prices, which translate into value for money is next most important factor to choose a restaurant. As double income for most couple, the spending power has increased manifold, meaning they have more money to spend on food at restaurants. So on an average urban youth eat four times a month eat outside. If the price is right with good quality food and excellent service, they don’t mind paying more. Many of GotTable’s partner restaurants offer freebies like beer, daily discounts, special rewards. To know and avail those wonderful offers, please download and install GotTable App via Android or Apple store in your smartphone and enjoy best meal deals near you at any day of the week.

Healthy Foods

With an overall preoccupation with ‘wellness’, healthy and organic food tops the choices list. Younger generation worldwide consume 52% more vegetables than their parents. Popularity of vegetarianism and veganism has increased the demand for plant-based food. Research suggests present-day consumers want more healthy options like ancient grains and healthier kids’ menu. Many restaurants including Djangoin Bangalore cater to these needs with additional vegetable and fruit side healthy food options.

Connecting through Technology

Improvements in technology is much welcomed by the urban users, such as the ability to order food and drinks before arriving, paying via an app and ordering food electronically at the venue. Research results show that the majority of restaurants have implemented technology to enable table booking, food ordering and paying bill online or via an app.

Convenience and food delivery

Another major factor that influence restaurant selection is convenience. Easy availability, near one’s home, no hassles waiting for tables, comfortable multiple payment choices are the basic convenience factors that emphasize the place choice. Restaurants that tied up with food apps for easy booking of tables, convenience seating, multiple locations across city, outstanding service and easy payment methods entice customers for repeatpurchases. GotTable with its associate restaurants have convenience as their top priority to encourage customers to go for best meal deal plans along with easy multiple payment methods at restaurants near you all over Bengaluru.


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