5 bestseller items in Bengaluru restaurants

August 21, 2019


Have you ever experienced these? After turning the menu from front cover to back many times, we decide on a dish and order. Then we look around, and lilting dishes at tables near us. This immediately makes us wonder should we order it next. Or when we are mulling over the choices in the menu, one casual look at next table catches our eyes and we order the same dishes. This is how the “best sellers” come into being. These are the dishes liked popularly at a particular restaurant. Many a times people visit a restaurant to eat a particular dish. In this blog, let us look at the 5 popular dishes at some of GotTable’s best restaurants in Bangalore.

Dolphinsis a nice pub near M.G. Road and Ulsoor area. It is a pocket-friendly pub with a happy hour offer of 2+1 drinks. Dolphins is known for excellent music for Friday weekend night out party. A must visit for delicious food. It has a good space for families above the bar and also pub space on the third floor. The five bestsellers at this place are Chicken Kolhapuri/Hyderabadi, Pork Coorg Style, Chicken Ghee Roast, Pork Chilly Tandoor and Anjal Fry.

Djangois a café and also serves American cuisine. Located at Indiranagar it has good ambiance beautiful environment, comfortable chairs to sit, Indoor as well as outdoor seating facility and free WiFi service.You get a perfect breakfast meal with friendly staff and prompt service. Keto food is available. In fact food here is divided into three parts: breakfast, keto, meals and beverages. Django burger is a king of burger. It surprises you with its unique flavor and taste.

Don’t miss five most popular items here: Babycorn in BBQ sauce, Poppers with Bacon, Chicken wings, Fish fingers with Tartar sauce, andAglio Olio (pasta).

Dropouts: With the eyebrow-raising name, this place signifies the college or university dropouts who went on to shape the future of history, such as Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Charlie Chaplin. This bar set up draws inspiration from real-life heroes who started humble and the drinks–house’s specialty cocktails are named after the careers these dropout heroeschose eventually. Apart from their signature cocktails, Dropouts draws the crowd with its bestselling dishes. These dishes get rave reviews day in and day out. Check them out yourself: Thai red curry chicken, Skinny Puds loaded with Chicken, Pandi Roast, Panko Crumbed Fish Fingersand Kundapur Special Pizza (an interesting blend of Ghee Roasted Prawns on a pizza base, following Mangalore style).

Red onion: Located in central Bangalore (Shantinagar double road)makes it easily accessible for a visit from all parts of the city. People highly recommend this place for a peaceful dinner. Red Onion hasample and safe valet parking and the staff is really helpful. The food is reviewed to be just outstanding here, which will definitely tempt you with repeated visits. Good offers are also on the table.Those staying close to this place enjoy home delivery and the service is excellent. The 5 trending dishes here are Paneer Tikka and Mutton Boti Kebab, Hara bara Kebab, Kadai paneer Afghani, Dal Makhni, and Gulab Jamun with Ice-cream.

La Mafioso Resto Pub: Hailed as one of the best places in Nagwara, La Mafiaso has mafia-based theme ambience.It is fairly large, spread across two floors including rooftop. One more specialty is that the rooftop has various seating arrangements, such as High Chairs, Low Seating Tables, Cozy Sofa. You can choose the most comfortable seating. They have quite large food menu specially starters. Drinks menu has variety too. Mafioso Special (contains Rum, Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Brandy, Tequila, Red Wine and Lime Juice, the BAAP of LIT) and The Gentel Don can be tried, if you are looking for something strong. Flavored hookah is also available. It is a very happening place with live screening and lot of entertainment. The 5 bestseller items are Tandoori Fish Tikka, Non-Veg platter which comes with 4 non-veg items one each from Chicken, Mutton, Fish and Shrimp, Mutton Pepper Fry, Malai Murgh Tikka, and House Special Nachos.


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